I Would Cook 4 U

Prince was once asked in a 1984 interview with Time Magazine if there was anything he couldn't do.  It took him some time to come up with a response.  Eventually, he conceded:  "I can't cook."

Photo:  Rolling Stone

Photo: Rolling Stone

This seems to be his only shortcoming.  Measuring in at a modest 5 ft, 2 in., he was a small giant.  A powerful force.  Too big for the stage. Writhing and screaming and twisting to the side with his guitar as if his very life depended on it.  We saw this displayed no more passionately than in the 1984 release of "Purple Rain", the film and the album.  

Prince appeared on screen in his signature violet riot of a suit.  Shiny iridescence and unbridled movement captured both our imaginations and respect.  In one scene, he performs Darling Nikki in such a manner that one might think he has injured himself.  He had not.  

What can we say about this 'fish out of water' that has not already been said or grieved in the recent months except perhaps "Thank You for a Funky Time..."

Here is my tribute to the artist I saw as too big for this land-locked stage:

Black Sesame- Crusted Seared Ahi Tuna/Pacific Arame and Red Cabbage Slaw/Wasabi Aquafaba Cream/Black Pepper Citrus Beet Purée/Balsamic Honey Soy Reduction